Profile with borderThanks for stopping by! What can I tell you about me that matters….I have been riding for over 50 years with 30 of those as a professional.  I have been doing yoga everyday for 25 years.  I started mostly to help my hips for running but then I discovered the wonderful benefits for my brain and more recently for my riding.

I was always the brave rider in the barn, but as I have aged (I’m in my late 50’s) I became less confident and less willing to deal with normal things horses do like spook, buck and play.

I discovered that on the days I did yoga before I rode, my horse was perfect.  On the days I did it later, he was not.  I also noticed other benefits after I studied how I was using my yoga during my ride. For example, I tend to drop my shoulder and lean around a corner. By incorporating more mindfulness and using body awareness I am able to feel myself lean and correct myself.

There are many ways you will benefit from this program but the biggest one for me was how much calmer and confident I have become. Yoga calms me. A calmer me equals a calmer horse. A calmer horse equals a more confident rider. I am so excited about this that I created this program to share it with other riders.

Please read my first blog post for more info about me and the HorseRiderYoga program.

Peace, Yoga & Horses,