Pre-Ride Warm-up: Seated Revolved Triangle

As in standing yoga the Revolved Triangle pose offers many benefits including stretching the legs, hips and spine as well as opening the chest and improving balance.  It is a great pose to include in your pre-ride warm-up because it will also make you aware of your seat bone alignment.

As with the other two poses we have covered, this pose can be performed either on the floor, elevated like on a chair, mounting block or bale of hay, as well as in your saddle on your horse.

When you are preforming the Revolved Triangle you will feel the muscles in your legs stretch and the connection between your core and your hips/pelvis.  The lower body muscles get the biggest work out when riding so it is very important to warm them up correctly.

Revolved Triangle also requires you to keep your arms and back engaged, thus creating more awareness in their use while riding.

Finally, Revolved Triangle requires you to keep both seat bones in contact with the ground/saddle, even when you are crossing over the opposite leg.  Thus increasing seat bone awareness.

Let’s get started!

Find yourself seated evenly on your seat bones with your back straight, shoulders square and head normal. Picture someone pulling a string out of the top of your head.

While inhaling to a count of four, raise your arms out to the side and up above your head.

Side Angle  1 - Copy

On your exhale (again to a count of four), twist your core and upper body (but not your hips) towards your left leg and lower your right arm and cross it over top of the left thigh.  Keep your back and arms straight. Do not lift your left seat bone.  Keep your hips forward.

Press your arm into the thigh and look up if you can.

Side Angle B

Inhale again to the count of four, engage your core and lift yourself back up, taking your arms straight up over your head. Facing forward.

Side Angle  1 - Copy

Exhale (to 4) while twisting your core and upper body to the right and lowering your left arm over the top of your right thigh.  Remember to keep your back straight and your right seat bone down. Hips forward. Look up if you can.

Side  Angle A


Do this entire sequence of Overhead > Left side > Overhead >  Right side at least four times slowly and conscientiously.

Side Angle

You can learn this pose and 11 others when you purchase the DVD or Digital downloads here

Peace, Yoga and Horses,


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