Pre-Ride Warm Up: Cat/Cow Pose

HorseRiderYoga Cat_Cow.png

Occasionally, I will be featuring various poses that will be part of the video series.  This pose is called Cat/Cow because your body will be like a cat with it’s back arched in one position of the pose, then like a cow with a sway back in the other position of the pose.

This pose can be performed either on the floor, elevated like on a chair, mounting block or bale of hay, as well as in your saddle on your horse.

Cat/Cow works several areas of the body that are super important in riding; the core, the back and the pelvis. Doing this pose will help you become more aware of your seat position so you will notice when you are rolling your pelvis forward (maybe arching your back too much?) or slumping in the saddle. Neither of these extremes is good for your riding or for communication with your horse.

Cat/Cow also warms up your lower back and core creating more flexibility while riding.

It’s very simple.  Find yourself seated evenly on your seat bones with your back straight, shoulders square and head normal. Picture someone pulling a string out of the top of your head.

While inhaling to a count of 4, roll your shoulders forward and push your back out like someone is pulling a string on your belly button through your back. Purposely roll your pelvis under so you are seated on the back of your bum. Be aware of what happens to your back, pelvis and core. Hold the position and Exhale.

HorseRiderYoga Cat

Then count to 4 while inhaling again for Cow, the second position of the pose. Roll forward on your seat bones, sticking your bum out and arching your back and shoulders.  Pretend someone has just poked you in the middle of your back.  Look up if you can. Hold the position and exhale.

HorseRiderYoga Cow

Do this back and forth for at least 4 full transitions of Cat to Cow.

You can learn this pose and 11 others when you purchase the DVD or Digital downloads here

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